A Common Passion

Sunday may be a day of rest for many, but it is certainly not for me. Having left for church with only an espresso, I compensated with a large lunch about three o’clock.  It certainly was quantity over finesse- as I threw together a stir fry with some steak, pepper, garlic, ginger and some chilli and stock served with rice left over from last night.

I spent the afternoon reading about Julia Childs, that eccentric, francophile that taught Americans to cook. Having watched the movie recently, I wanted to see how accurate Meryl Streep played her. Had she indeed hammed up the part, as critics suggested on the film’s release. I managed to find on You Tube footage of the French Chef cookery series she did. I think Meryl Street managed to portray Childs very well.

I imagine the genuine article might have been more opinionated and certainly more waspish. She makes Germaine Greer and Clarissa Dickson Wright seem very tame in comparison. Very much a feminist in the true sense of the word, yet not a man-hater, she was very much ahead of her time. Paul, her husband, must have loved her very much, because a lesser man might have struggled living with such an eccentric extrovert.

I certainly want to read more about her life, particularly the letters she wrote to her pen pal mentioned in the film. Since both were well connected and well read women their letters certainly might be interesting insights into social and political history of time, most specifically the era of McCarthy.

I’m also intrigued by Julie Powell- inspired to spend a year of her life recreating all the recipes from Child’s magnum opus Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The blog certainly seems to have rekindled the writer in her, yet at a cost. Her marriage suffered from fame, celebrity, greater choices and an affair, as she reveals in her latest book. All credit to Eric and Julie working through their marital difficulties.  Affairs tend to be a symptom and one needs to look beyond to the more serious underlying problems. This, they obviously did.

Both women, so different in many ways, seem to have resilience and a consummate passion for food, which in my opinion, more than compensates for their very real human frailties.

Is there anyone in cyberspace interested enough to comment on any of my posts?

With work today, bed beckons…


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