I’m hungry

When, as a teenager, I uttered this phrase, my mother added, “That is your middle name”. Nothing much has changed. I love my food and eating it gives me a lot of pleasure. I think I will go for a carry out tonight. The prawns in the fridge have been in the fridge too long.

I feel privileged that I can ameliorate my hunger fairly quickly, with the means at my disposal to do so. Many people, due to circumstances outwith their control, are starving to death. Bad harvests, famine, natural disaster all have their impact and the result is death for the most vulnerable.

Can we really justify in the developed world all the wastage of food, when many people could and should benefit from it? Fish quotas mean perfectly good fish has to be thrown back into the water dead, not to mention how much food is binned because it has reached its sell by date, or is deemed not perfect in shape by the supermarkets.

Surely we all need to be careful of wasting food, and be grateful for what we have. Many in our world are not so fortunate.


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