Full of Beans

Tins and instant food, play little part in my cooking. Better to cook fresh, I tell myself. But confession time, there are two exceptions: baked beans and processed marrowfat peas. Just the mention of the peas alone tantalises my taste buds.

The past few days have been difficult. With a virus making my stomach unsettled, my diet has varied from nothing to very little. I have been dreaming food, but unfortunately my body wouldn’t have coped with the content of the self-indulgent dreams .

Last night as I became more human again, my wife and I had mashed potatoes, bacon and baked beans. I can’t tell you the pleasure the taste of the beans matched with buttery mashed potatoes and salty bacon gave me.

This was no profound taste sensation, but simple honest food with the baked beans- processed and sweet taking the starring role. Baked beans, I salute you!


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