You are what you eat

Some people eat to live. Without a shadow of a doubt, I live to eat. Interestingly, I associate significant memorable events of my life with meals.

The first date Anne and I went on we had a meal in the Quality Inn, a short distance from my mother’s house in Carrickfergus. It was a Friday evening 15 November 1985- the day the Anglo Irish agreement was signed- a significant step in Anglo-Irish relations.

A taxi picked up Anne and then collected me. She looked amazing with glitter in her hair, and a grey fur coat. Her perfume L’Air du Temps made me weak at the knees. Was I really going out with such a beauty?

I don’t remember, sadly, what main courses we had, possibly fish and chicken. This was Northern Ireland in the 1980s. Nouvelle cuisine or Michelin ratings were a long way off. Eating anything out in an hotel was deemed the height of sophistication!

I do remember our starters. Anne had corn on the cob, I had melon. The reason I remember our starters, particularly, is because the corn on the cob came blanketed in butter, and, when eating it, most of the butter cascaded down Anne’s mouth and stained her blouse. We both laughed and relaxed, and the first date passed in a flash.

Twenty six years later and married for seventeen years, we still enjoy our meals out. Possibly our tastes have become more complex and we like to eat fare that I wouldn’t  cook at home, due to difficulty in finding ingredients, or complex culinary processes not easily done in a domestic kitchen.  (I once smoked duck at home. We thought the end result of the smoked duck served with an apple wood cheese sauce worked well, but Anne did not appreciate the lingering smell of smoke in the kitchen for days after.)

Do you associate food with memorable events? I would love to read your comments.



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2 responses to “You are what you eat

  1. I like the ideas you present here. I suppose foods that relate to memorable events for me would be cotton candy because they remind me of carnivals. I’ll comment again if I can think of more. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I’ve enjoyed exploring yours and I would be pleased to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    • Thank you for your comments, which I was delighted to receive, and also the nomination for the Versatile Blogger award.

      I look foward in reading more of your writing, which I found very thought provoking. I will add you to my blogroll.

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